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The Cult with the Dragon has arrive at Phlan, a lawless refuge on the Moonsea. Now, without considerable authority to prevent the cult, other electricity groups while in the Realms–the Harpers, Buy of your Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords' Alliance , and even the Zhentarim–will have to untite to stop the cult from fulfilling its dark objective in the city. Join the struggle by taking part in Anybody of 5 various missions aimed at stopping the cult.

This Xmas, Enable the Nerd remind you in the Christmas spirit by throwing Infant Moses down the Nile. If you are convinced's Strange, just hop on Noah's Ark, in which you can shoot a military of goats with sleeping pills from the slingshot. That is ideal individuals, there is certainly nothing holy about these Bible-dependent boatloads of sacrilege.

The elves of Neverwinter Wooden, and their Feywild cousins, have extended sought the famous Xanfael Scripture. This kind of discovery might suggest that an enduring peace might be brokered amongst the mortal planet and the land of faerie.

This module follows one of several First adventures found in Leilon: Metropolis of Journey, identified on This great site.  The figures are asked to research the home of the wealthy smith believed to become Component of a secretive group known as the Magesmiths.  The PCs should prevail over the creatures residing inside his residence as well as constructs living underneath.

Two wizards are engaged in an extended-running feud. Once the player characters rescue one of many spell hurlers, he asks them to assist him finish the conflict at the time and for all. But do the participant people actually need to get in the middle of two extremely angry wizards?

Being a prideful creature, Cathrax employs minions to try and do the function he come to feel he can’t be bothered to. He currently features a band of kobolds in his utilize, whom he controls via dread.

Children through the village of Somerset have already been taken via the eco-friendly hag. You as adventurers will have to conserve the children and slay the hag. This experience is intended to be rapid and simple.  

The idyllic city of Mosstone is often a pastoral buying and selling article for retailers to peddle their wares as their caravans make the cease together the trade street. In addition to the day-to-day actions on the townsfolk, nothing at all at any time great site truly transpires in Mosstone…. until finally a bandit Military all of a sudden assaults the village just one evening, leading to a mysterious murder as well as theft of the holy relic.

Blackbrook Lockdown usually takes the gamers into Gulf of Luiren to investigate the halfling redboubt of Blackbrook. Their lookup pits them versus elementals and giants, all to determine why "there isn't a information from Blackbrook."

A huge selection of binding stones that were long ago used to trap fiends exist all over the close by lands, and plenty of have failed about the hundreds of years.

Vacation to modest town within the throes of a thriller – precious things are turning up stolen, rumors of monsters abound, and ne'er-do-wells have not long ago shown up in the village.

The occasion has become contracted by Dwelling Tor to deliver 'additional stability' all through a ball. Unbeknownst to the gamers or Property Tor, a psy from anothre residence of an attending noble will almost certainly make an effort to sabotage the night within an try and damage the night.

This adventure is supposed to be a stand-on your own playable ‘tutorial’ but could effortlessly be inserted into the beginning of the campaign. While some pieces are scripted, There is certainly home deliberately still left for your DM to improvise and make this module their particular.

Riddled with veins of precious ore and gem, the Earthspur Mountains towards the west have long been a worthwhile source for any person in a position to mine them. A person such mine has absent silent and The one thing a lot more relating to than its extended overdue cargo will be the destiny with the users from the Soldiery despatched to discover what has took place to the mine’s workers.

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